Thursday, December 30, 2010

20 Tips on Living Better in 2011

1. Play more games. Read more books.
2. Do something that the majority isn't.
3. Practice meditation if only for 10 minutes a day.
4. Record the late night programs on a DVD and get more rest.
5. Ask yourself in the morning, "I want to get ___________ done today."
6. Sit in silence - yes it is hard - no music, iTunes, television, for at least five minutes a day. If people are talking around you, make that "white noise" and tune it out.
7. Spend time with children and the elderly. Children are for the discovery of all that is new and exciting; the elderly is so you have perspective of history, knowledge and understanding.
8. Call someone you haven't talked to in awhile and leave Facebook for a while.
9. Spend less time eating food that was made in a plant and more time eating plants.
10. Get rid of clutter, in your mind and around your abode. It just makes you crazy.
11. Laugh at yourself. It's okay to be goofy.
12. Stop letting your past spoil the present.
13. Remember, two wrongs don't make a right, but three do. Go around the block and stop blocking traffic.
14. Ask yourself, "what difference does it make?" and if it does, then decide what to do. If it doesn't, let it go.
15. You know what you seldom see? Horseshit in a garage. I just threw this is because it was stupid S*$t my father said and now it makes sense to me.
16. If you must gossip make it productive. There's nothing worse than idle gossip. Make it work.
17. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
18. Just remember that there have been thousands of people before you, and thousands will come after you, and no one else knew the answers either.
19. Question authority.
20. Don't postpone joy.

-- Gary S. James

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