Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happiness is ...

Happiness is ...

A starry night
A rain storm in spring
The first buds after a long, cold winter
The smile in your eyes

Finding a dollar when you are broke
A new broom
An ice cream cone
A clean house
Squeals of happy children in the park

A warm bed in winter ... with you in it
Home ~ after a long journey
A new job
A quiet stream and a picnic for two
Winning ... at anything

Dinner with close friends
A new apartment
Knowing yourself
A grand-daughter ... after having had four sons
Happy children ... of all ages

Satisfaction with a job well done
A walk along the ocean with warm sand between your toes
A warm hug
Knowing that you are understood
No one at home but you and me

A good book
Planning your vacation
A new car
"I love you"
A light heart

Thank you
Extra money in the bank
Winter's first snowflakes
"I'm listening ... I hear your words"
A good conversation

Being barefoot in the grass
Having good health
The sunrise
Being part of a family
Sitting alone in the dark

New beginnings
Fresh, crusty bread and cheese
Sharing good news
Seeing your dreams come true
Beautiful music

Bubble gum and bubble baths
A firm hand in yours when you're afraid
A warm bath after a hard, long day
Good friends
Quiet times, alone

A crimson, golden sun setting over the ocean.

-- Author Unknown

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