Monday, November 14, 2011

Despite Everything

although life hits me,
although not all the sunrises are beautiful,
although doors shut down on me. I smile.

because it costs nothing to dream and eases my mind,
because maybe my dreams can be fulfilled,
because it makes me happy to dream.

I CRY ...
because crying purifies and soothes my soul, my heart,
because my anxiety decreases, if only slightly,
because every tear is a purpose to improve my existence.

I LOVE ...
because to love is to live,
because if I love, I may receive love,
because I prefer to love and suffer, than suffer from never having love.

because when I share I grow,
because my troubles, shared, somehow diminish, and my joys are doubled.

I smile, dream, cry, love, share ...
I am ALIVE!!!

-- Author Unknown


Tianē-Talia said...

Love this <3 Truly Inspired Me (:

Dee said...

Very nice... you have a beautiful way with words.

Veronica said...

liked it :)