Thursday, January 12, 2012

Motivation - The Key to Success

Lou Little was foot ball coach at Georgetown University. The college president came to him one day and said, "Do you know Harold Chapman?" "Sure", Lou answered. "He has been on my squad for years. An average player. The problem is that he is not well motivated."

"Well", the president continued, "we just received a message that his father died. Will you break the news to him?"

The coach put his arm around Chapman and told him the sad news. "I am sorry son, you take a week off." But the next day Chapman was in the locker room suiting up for the game. "What are you doing here?" the coach inquired in amazement.

"Today’s the big game. I have got to play in it", he replied.

"But you know I have never included you for the game."

"Include me today and you won’t be sorry", the moist eyed player stated very firmly.

Softening, the coach decided that if he won the toss he would use him on the first play. He could not do that much damage on the kickoff return. Georgetown won the toss.

At the game, Harold came tearing down the field with the ball like a tornado. The coach, shocked, left him in for another play and then another. He blocked, he tacked; he passed; he ran. He literally won the ball game for Georgetown University that day.

In the locker room the coach, perplexed, asked, "Son, what happened?" The player said ..." My father was blind. Only today he witnessed my game."

Motivation provides stimulus. He believed that his father would see his game after his death. This belief motivated him to play exceedingly well!
-- Author Unknown

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