Thursday, May 23, 2013

25 Choices that Lead to Happiness

1. Forgive yourself; to be gentle to your heart and Spirit.
2. SMILE often.
3. Get good SLEEP every night.
4. Eat healthy. Splurge periodically!
5. Keep your body fit and agile.
6. Be kind to strangers you encounter.
7. Express GRATITUDE constantly, for your blessings.
8. Prayer. If you feel God is distant, it isn't God who moved.
9. Meditation. The resulting stillness is the portal to reaching your inner peace and connecting to the Universe, the source of infinite possibilities.
10. Listen to the voice of your HEART.
11. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts or with expressions of gratitude for things big and small.
12. When someone is mean to you or causing you stress, shoot back at them with love as your ammunition, silently or aloud. Sounds impossible? Try it. Success comes with practice and a commitment to overcoming anger and expectations.
14. Look at challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
15. Accept the moment as it is.
16. Vision what you want to see in your life rather than focusing on what you want to go away. Your thoughts have energy and attract more of what you're thinking about.
17. Ask for HELP when you need it. We cannot function alone in this world.
18. Give money to people in need, without judgment.
19. Do things that are FUN, regularly. Be playful!
20. Have and take care of at least one plant in your home.
21. Listen to your inner voice, the one that says, "Don't say that to him/her." Or, "I need to go to bed now; I'm exhausted!"
22. Verbally tell those you love that you love them.
23. Take breaks from technology. For a day a week or for a few hours each day, not including when you are asleep. And shut off your devices at least one hour before bed.
24. Look in the mirror and say, "I LOVE YOU" 100 times every day. When you go beyond believing this to KNOWING it, reduce the number of repetitions. If you are already there, you are most fortunate!
25. Add your own choices to the list, whatever leads to YOUR happiness!

Wishing you an abundance of happiness!

-- Author Unknown

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