Thursday, October 21, 2010

20 Tips to Manage Stress

  1. Focus on your breathing - breathe slowly and deeply
  2. Visualize yourself as calm and composed
  3. Make time for a mini self-massage
  4. Listen to music you like
  5. Smile and say cheese more often
  6. Say out loudly your prayers
  7. Reaffirm positive affirmations
  8. Start writing down your thoughts on paper
  9. Count to numbers in reverse order ... 100 to 1
  10. Watch a comedy program on TV
  11. Just say No to what you don’t like
  12. Warm up yourself by stretching
  13. Try out self - acupressure by stimulating various points
  14. Schedule a future Worry Time where you will sit and worry
  15. Shake it up
  16. Munch some snacks and ice creams
  17. Go for a walk or a drive
  18. Share it with near and dear ones
  19. Let go your ego
  20. Smell some flowers
-- Author Unknown


sunnycalgirl said...

I can do the snacks and ice cream very! I enjoy planting flowers and lately have been taking lots of pictures..that seems to work for me..Thank you for the suggestions!

Steven said...

Hi Sunnycalgirl. I'd do just de same wt snacks, no ice cream though. :) Thanks for yr suggestions too. Hope to see more from others. Cheers.